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The Spring Gulch Trail System, created and sustained by the Mount Sopris Nordic Council (a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization), has 27+ km of cross-country ski trails available to residents of and visitors to the Carbondale, Colorado community. The Spring Gulch trails have been designed by skiers for skiers and are regularly groomed. Just bring your lunch (no services are provided other than a restroom), a friend (except your dog – no dogs allowed, please), and a taste for fresh air and incredible scenery.


The Spring Gulch Trail System is on private property. The North Thompson Cattlemen’s Association and the Crystal River Ranch generously permit the winter use of their property for our skiing enjoyment. Any use of the property other than cross-country skiing during the winter and any use at any other season is prohibited. Please respect whatever restrictions may be posted at the entry area, and as always, respect the land.

About Spring Gulch
spring gulch nordic crosscountry ski trails

Nestled a few miles west of Carbondale, CO the trail system sits in a relatively remote and quiet valley. Few signs of modernity exist. Juniper, gambel oak and pinon dominates the hillsides while the wooden fences, cattle guards, and clearings are indicators that the area is still actively ranched. It is not uncommon to spot bald or golden eagles in the sky, or deer and the occasional elk striding through the valley floor. These features leave the visitor feeling as if they are experiencing a taste of the "old west" and in some ways they are.


A tour through the grounds of the trail system offer the nordic skier of any level, not only that sense of place and history, but also exciting skiing and timeless, stunning views. These unique features reveal what is truly special about Spring Gulch and why the valley locals refer to it as "a diamond in the rough".

Today, the town of Carbondale, CO is recognized as a recreationalist's paradise. Located in the Central Rocky Mountains, and perched under the magnificent 12,953-foot Mt. Sopris, the high mountain environment and the rugged landscape not only provide a plethora of outdoor pursuits, but the aesthetics to compliment and enhance their enjoyment. The Spring Gulch Trail System is no exception.



22/23 Board of Directors:

Mike Shook, President 
Elliot Norquist, Vice President 
Paul Perry, Treasurer 
John Armstrong
Matt Annabel

Sloan Shoemaker 

Rachel Perkins

August Teague
Marj Perry, Cattleman's Representative

Anais Tomezsko


Noah Scher
Trae Story

Robin Scher

Matt Johnson

spring gulch trails workday volunteer nordic crosscountry skiing

> Photo courtesy of Garfield County, Colorado: The First Hundred Years 1883-1983 by Andrew Gulliford

*NO dogs, motorized equipment, snow or fat bikes, snowmobiles, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, etc. allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and appreciation for the Mount Sopris Nordic Council's agreement with the property owners.

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