Grooming Update: 12/31/16

Happy New Year everyone! What a gorgeous day to close out 2016 with! We set new classic track on several large loops this morning- Lazy 8, Roundabout, Wagon Road, Sidewinder, Finlandia, Ginny, Holdens, Bulldogger, and Rafter T. All other trails have Classic from Tuesday. Skate lanes were groomed yesterday night and were total perfection today. We hope you got out there and enjoyed your Saturday! We are not having an organized New Year Eve Luminary Ski this year, but feel free to enjoy the trails tonight!

Grooming Update: 12/30/16

Skate lanes were groomed this afternoon/evening on most trails. They should set up perfectly overnight for all of you Saturday skiers! As of today, classic is still in from Tuesday, but we'll be resetting it in tomorrow morning's cool temps. We have a couple of CMC classic classes that will be held tomorrow around Lazy Eight. We've set multiple lanes of track within the play area, so please leave them for the students! Tomorrow is going to be a good day to ski. We'll see you out there!

Grooming Update: 12/29/16

What a gorgeous bluebird day! Skate lanes are buffed out and classic is set. There's still time to get out there for an afternoon ski!

Grooming Update: 12/28/16

We must've been pretty good this year...Santa brought us just what we asked for! New snow! As of this morning, skate lanes are groomed and classic is set. We're hoping that you were able to get some holiday skiing in this week! We appreciate your patience, as some of our groomers took a few days off over the holiday. We're back in action now and looking forward to seeing you all out there! Looks like a couple of bluebird days, with early next week bringing a chance of more snow. Stay tuned to our updates! Did you happen to catch the article in the Aspen Times? We are thrilled! Check it out here.

Grooming Report: 12/25/16

It is snow on top of snow! Rolled in 3-6 inches early this Christmas morning and there is now at least 3 more inches on top of that and more coming down!!!! Will roll in more tomorrow and hoping to set classic track in the next couple of days! Happy Holidays!

Grooming Report

Classic track was set on Sunday! (except for Lazy 8, Rabbit Run, and Criss-Cross, where the base is too thin.) Skate lanes were touched up Monday afternoon. Everything is looking good right now!

Grooming Report

We rolled in 4-6" of new snow Saturday morning. We set classic track on most trails Sunday afternoon. (Lazy 8, Rabbit Run, and Kriss-Kross are still too thin to set classic track.) Skate lanes are scheduled to be groomed again Monday afternoon.

Rain, Rain, Go Away . . .

It rained overnight at Spring Gulch. Lazy 8 and other low trails are very thin. No grooming was possible this morning. With any luck, we hope to be rolling in new snow by tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

Grooming Update: 12/12/16

Hey skiers! Spring Gulch is officially OPEN! Saturday night's storm brought just enough snow for the coverage that we needed. All trails have been rolled. Upper trails are skiing great- we groomed skate and set some classic track on them today. Lower trails still need a bit more, but for now, they are safe and fun to ski. Just be cautious and aware that early season conditions still exist! We're hoping that this week's forecast brings lots more. See you out there! PS. Don't forget to sign up for this weekend's classic and skate lessons through CMC!

Grooming Update: 12/9/16

Groomers rolled in 2-4" on all trails today. Lower trails are still a bit patchy, but every little bit is helping! The forecast looks promising through the weekend, with Saturday night bringing the most. We'll be rolling every day as the snow comes and will officially open as soon as we can. We cannot start to lay classic track until we get a bit more snow and the base firms up. Until then, feel free to ski the upper trails (we recommend staying away from the big hills). Don't forget to sign up for the classic and skate classes next Friday and Saturday!

Grooming Update: 12/8/16

Groomers went up yesterday morning and rolled in 2" of fresh snow. Unfortunately, this storm seems to be bringing more cold temps than actual precipitation. Our total accumulation at Spring Gulch is still very low and many of the lower trails are not quite fully covered. The NOAA weather report shows a chance of snow every day through Monday, so we will monitor and roll as needed. NOAA forecast We are doing our best to open ASAP! We are just as anxious to ski as you are, but keep in mind how much snow it takes to pack down and actually create a solid base to lay track. With that said, people are already skiing some of the trails at Spring Gulch. We recommend taking out your early-season skis

First report of the 16/17 season!

Hey friends! First of all, thank you to everyone who came out to the Pour House last night! We had a blast and truly appreciate your support! Spring Gulch is officially CLOSED. This past storm brought Spring Gulch its first 10-14" of snow. Groomers were able to roll all of the trails and the base is setting up nicely. However, it was not enough! The trails are still hazardous to ski, as there are plenty of rocks, branches, and ruts that are not filled over yet. We are crossing our fingers that Monday's storm brings another round. Until then, stay tuned to our grooming updates!


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