Grooming Update: 1/31/17

Good morning! Groomers set new classic track on Lazy 8, Criss Cross, Bulldogger, Perry Pass, Roundabout, Finlandia, and Out and Back last night. Skate lanes were also groomed on those trails, as well as Wagon Road, Northstar, and Holdens. Also, going on Tuesday (this) morning: "CRMS will be holding their annual "Oystermeister Nordic Event" at Spring Gulch from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. This event includes two heats of a ~4km race with participants of all levels, including "never-ever's", beginning at 9:45 AM. There will also be music playing, and hot chocolate and cookies at the trailhead. CRMS hopes not to interfere with your quiet morning ski, so we will be contained to the race course (Criss Cr

Grooming Update: 1/28/17

Good morning skiers! Your Saturday at Spring Gulch awaits you! Groomers buffed out the skate lanes last night and the classic tracks are still skiing well from Wednesday. Temps are VERY COLD (we're looking at a high of 21 degrees today) so skiing will be fast. We'll most likely be up again this afternoon to freshen things up for Sunday, as well. Next weekend is Ski For Sisu! Don't forget to sign up or volunteer.

Grooming Update: 1/26/17

Good news...our snowmobiles are back in action! Groomers set classic tracks and groomed skate lanes yesterday, although it looks like we picked up another few inches of light fluffy powder overnight. We're going to let the powder sit for the morning and switch over to an afternoon schedule through the weekend. We'll hopefully have classic and skate groomed again by tonight. Weather forecast looks great for the weekend- high-pressure, crisp, sunny. Perfect for skiing at Spring Gulch...see you out there!

Grooming Update: 1/25/17

Hello skiers! We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have been running into major mechanical issues with our snowmobiles since yesterday morning. This has been preventing us from grooming, so we appreciate your patience while we scramble to get them fixed asap! Conditions are still windblown, with a layer of powder on top of a packed base. Again, we're sorry and will keep you updated!

Grooming Update: 1/24/17

Good morning! Groomers worked in 2" of new snow yesterday, however strong winds prevented us from grading or setting any track. We will continue to work in the new snow as it comes and groom when the storm eases. We will have plenty of grading to do to level the trails back out, so in the meantime, please watch out for large snow drifts and sloping banks! Sisu is quickly approaching! Download your entry form from our events page or send us a message if you'd like to volunteer!

Grooming Update: 1/22/17

Good morning skiers! We've received several doses of 3-5" over the last few days, which is ideal, as it allows us to pack it down in stages. Yesterday evening, groomers set new classic track on all trails. We are hoping to only have received a light dusting last night, so the tracks should be firm and powder easily skied in. Skate lanes will be groomed fresh this morning in preparation of your Sunday skiventure! As groomers, our first priority is to create and maintain the best skiing possible for the greatest number of people! This provides a new challenge for us each day, as conditions, weather, ski traffic, etc are always changing. We love our skiers! Here are a few ways you, as skiers, c

Grooming Update: 1/20/17

Good evening! Groomers rolled in 3-5" this morning and even more has come down since! We'll be back up in the morning rolling in the rest. The NOAA forecast is calling for another 2-4" during the day tomorrow, so we may not be able to set classic track until tomorrow evening when the base starts to firm up. We'll try to have the lanes groomed for all of you weekend skiers as fast as we can! Check in tomorrow night for another update.

Grooming Update: 1/18/17

Hello all! Groomers set new classic track last night and skate lanes were groomed fresh this morning. Skiing is good all around! Hope to see you out enjoying these beautiful Colorado winter days. Also, we're still looking for a few more Ski for Sisu volunteers! It's our biggest fundraising event of the season and always a blast. Contact us if you're interested in helping out on Feb 5th!

Grooming Update: 1/15/17

Good morning skiers! Groomers were hard at work yesterday evening as the sun went down. We set new classic track on most of the main trails- Rafter, Bulldogger, Holdens, Ginny, Northstar, Finlandia, Out & Back, Wagon, Sidewinder, Roundabout, Perry, and Rodeo. We also groomed skate lanes on most of those same trails. Thanks for bearing with us- the heavy wet snow has been really difficult for us and our machines to work with. Spring Gulch is ready to go for your Sunday ski day! If you haven't already, consider becoming a member and supporting your local nordic trail system. And sign up for Ski for Sisu...its quickly approaching!

Grooming Update: 1/13/17

Every little bit helps! Groomers graded several windblown trails yesterday and groomed skate and set classic on all trails. Lower trails are looking better after a few inches of new snow. Upper trails are gorgeous and skiing great! We went up this afternoon, unfortunately the snow was too wet and heavy for our track setters. We rolled all trails and will be back early in the morning to set track and skate! Don't forget to sign up for Ski for Sisu! Download your entry form from our Events page. **LOST SKIS** "Help, I lost my Fischer classic skis. Left them at Spring Gulch Sunday, January 8th, early evening. If found or have any info please call Jill Meadows at 970-618-3255. Thank you!!"

Grooming Report: 1/12/17

Good morning! Trails were groomed yesterday for both skate and classic. However, winds are still strong, making the lower trails a bit blown out and icy. We are probably looking at 3-5" from last night. Groomers are up this morning seeing what needs to be done.

Grooming Update: 1/10/17

Interesting conditions up at Spring Gulch right now. As you can probably imagine, yesterday's rain and warm temps were not great for the trails. Last night brought about 2-4" of heavy wet snow, which groomers rolled in and graded today. Strong winds have pretty much blown everything off of Lazy 8 and other lower, unprotected trails, so be prepared for icy conditions there. Higher trails are still in good shape, although slow and sticky. We're expecting a bit more snow tonight and tomorrow and will roll and set track asap. Don't forget to sign up for this weekend's CMC classes!

Grooming Update: 1/8/17

Skate lanes were groomed this morning and the snow is still falling! Did you get out this weekend?! Snow conditions: Soft. Powder on top of packed powder.

Grooming Update: 1/6/17

We arrived this morning to another 3-4" from yesterday afternoon's storm. We rolled and set new classic track on all trails. It seemed to be setting up nicely with the cold temps. We rolled all other trails and groomed some skate. We'll be back up early in the morning to finish grooming skate and leave you to enjoy your Saturday ski! Snow conditions are very soft right now, but should hopefully set up well after being packed multiple times and freezing up tonight. Should be an excellent weekend at Spring Gulch!

Grooming Update: 1/5/17

Holy moly! It hasn't stopped snowing all day! We arrived to 6-10" this morning and received another 2-4" today. We rolled all trails and will be back up in the morning to grade and/or set track. Its going to be a COLD night, so our new soft base should set up well. Hope you enjoyed the powder day, we sure did!

Grooming Update: 1/4/17

Groomers rolled in a bit of new snow this morning and set new classic track and skate lanes on the lower trails. Looks like tonight is bringing another projected 4-8"! Snow will most likely be heavy and winds are still strong. Groomers will be in a meeting early Thursday morning but will hit the trails ASAP! May be a bit of a powder day until we get there. Enjoy!

Grooming Update: 1/3/17

Bring on the snow! Looks like we received around 1" overnight, maybe picking up a tiny bit more this morning. Groomers graded trails yesterday afternoon and also set new skate and classic track on Bulldogger, Holdens, Ginny, Finlandia, Sidewinder, Wagon, and Roundabout. There may be a bit of new fresh in the tracks but that should ski in easily. We'll be up today packing in the fresh, but it appears that tonight and tomorrow will bring us quite a bit more! We'll most likely reset track again tomorrow afternoon after we roll. Enjoy!

Grooming Update: 1/2/17

Good morning! Looks like we picked up around 1-2" of new snow last night. Groomers will be up today working on grading and leveling out the trails, which should really help even out some of those tight corners and sloping lanes. Grading means that the trails usually get a little worse before they get better, but it will provide a great level base for more snow to fall on tonight and tomorrow. We'll keep you posted!


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