Grooming Update: 2/28/17

Yippee! Groomers rolled in 6" of fresh snow today! Base is soft, packed powder. We'll keep you updated as we groom skate and set new classic track. This is exactly what we've been needing!

Grooming Update: 2/27/17

The past few days have brought several inches of new snow, which groomers have been working into the existing base. Lower temps are also helping keep the new snow nice and cold. Upper trails are fully covered and skiing great. Lower trails are still thin, but we're working to keep as many open as possible. Don't let the view from the parking lot fool you- as soon as you pass the 2nd gate towards Rafter T/Bulldogger, the trails are in amazing shape! Groomed skate today: Rafter T, Criss Cross, Little Dipper (up), Bulldogger, Lower Holdens, Upper Holdens, Northstar, Ginny Lane, Finlandia, Out & Back, Highball, Sidewinder, Wagon Rd, and the Roundabout switchbacks. Classic track was also set on F

Grooming Update: 2/23/17

Winter is (almost) back! We received 2-3" last night and this morning, which groomers have rolled in on most trails. The upper trails are in great shape, we recommend accessing them by Rafter T, Bulldogger, or Little Dipper. Snow was still falling when we left this afternoon, so depending on how much falls, we'll either be rolling more or grooming tomorrow morning. Groomers will decide when and if to set classic track*, as conditions allow. Enjoy! Lazy 8, Rodeo, Big Dipper, and parts of Roundabout are still to thin and bumpy to groom. *We may have received 3" of fresh snow on the upper trails, but keep in mind that it has been packed down on top of a very thin and frozen base. This makes set

Grooming Update: 2/17/17

Groomers will be maintaining certain trails as long as we can, while these warm spring conditions persist. Bulldogger, Criss Cross, Little Dipper, Holdens, Ginny, Northstar, Finlandia, Highball, and Wagon Rd are currently groomed for skate. Because of cold overnight temps, moisture levels, and warm days, groomers have a short window during the mid-morning to groom these trails. Late morning and early afternoon are likely the best times to ski, as well. Enjoy!

Grooming Update: 2/12/17

The warm temps and precipitation have taken their toll on the trails this week. The base is extremely thin, especially on the lower trails. We received 1-2" of warm, wet snow last night/this morning. Groomers rolled the upper trails and left the lower trails alone. Despite the less than ideal conditions, skiers appeared to be enjoying themselves today! Monday looks to have a slight chance of more wet snow/rain, while Tuesday seems to bring sun and more warm temps through Friday. More precipitation may come this weekend. Be cautious! More moose tracks were found on the upper trails today. Please be aware when you're skiing in that vicinity.


CAUTION! - Treacherous ice on all trails! Rain last night did us no favors. With warm temps in the forecast, slush skiing mid-to-late afternoon might be as good as it gets for the next few days. Fingers crossed for a return of winter. Also, beware of moose! Several moose were spotted on the upper trails yesterday and their tracks are everywhere. Be careful!

Grooming Update: 2/6/17

It's beginning to look a lot like...spring skiing up at the Gulch! The consistently warm temps over the past week have created extremely icy conditions on most trails. Use caution when skiing! And walking in the parking lot. Groomers will be up again this afternoon, trying to revive and add some air to the base. There is a winter advisory through Wednesday, but some of this could result in rain (not good). As these conditions persist, we will be grooming in the mid mornings and late afternoons. Those are also, most likely, the best times to ski! Thank you to everyone who came out for Ski For Sisu! We are thrilled at the record turnout and success of the silent auction. Thank you to all those

Grooming Update: 2/3/17

Hello skiers! Groomers graded and set new classic track on Lazy 8, Rafter T, Bulldogger, Rodeo, Perry Pass, Roundabout, and Wagon Road. Skate lanes were also graded and groomed on these trails. We may get a bit of new snow tonight, but we recommend these trails for your Saturday morning ski! Groomers will be up again in the morning working on the remaining trails and prepping for our Ski For Sisu fundraiser on Sunday. We'll be setting the race courses late tomorrow afternoon in cooling temps and after most skiers have left for the day. Please join us Sunday morning at 9am for Ski For Sisu and bring the whole family! We'll have three ski courses groomed and marked, drinks, snacks, a silent au


*NO dogs, motorized equipment, snow bikes, snowmobiles, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, etc. allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and appreciation for the Mount Sopris Nordic Council's agreement with the property owners.

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