Grooming Update: 1/29/18

Skate lanes were refreshed early this morning on the main trails! We are leaving the classic track as is, since it is well set up and there is little snow to work with right now. Weather is going to be quite warm this week, making conditions thin and potentially a little icy. But we're just happy to be skiing at all! Enjoy! We are looking for volunteers for this Sunday's Ski For Sisu event. Would you like to help? Email us at or send us a message via our website. See you out there!

Grooming Update: 1/26/18

New classic track and skate lanes were groomed on our main loop- Bulldogger, Rafter T, Little Dipper, Holdens, Northstar, Finlandia, Ginny, Wagon Rd and Out & Back. We’re also working on shoveling several thin spots, in order to keep our base going as long as possible. Get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather! Don’t forget...Ski For Sisu is 9 days away! We will be having our annual skiathon, so download your entry form online and raise those pledges! Even with an unusually dry winter like this, we still rely heavily on memberships and fundraisers to keep operating. We love our skiers- thank you for supporting us!

Grooming Update: 1/25/18

Skate lanes were groomed last night on Bulldogger, the blue section of Little Dipper, Upper Holdens, Sidewinder, Wagon Rd, Northstar, Ginny Lane, Finlandia and Out & Back. Classic is still set from earlier this week, with the addition of Sidewinder. Some dirt patches are starting to show back up after warm temps this week, but most trails are still skiing well. There doesn't seem to be any new snow action in the near forecast, but it can always change quickly. Enjoy!

Grooming Update: 1/22/18

What a beautiful morning! Yesterday’s refresh has left our trails in the best shape so far this season. Groomers set new classic track this morning on Bulldogger, Holden’s, North Star, Finlandia, O&B, Ginny Lane, and Wagon Rd. Skate lanes are also groomed on those trails, plus Little Dipper, although still a bit soft. Trails should firm up this week and allow for some grading, as well. Enjoy!

Grooming Update: 1/21/18

Woohoo!!! 6” up high and 3” down bottom at Spring Gulch. This is what we’ve been needing! Groomers rolled all trails this morning (except Big Dipper, Lazy 8, and Little Dip hill) and set new classic track on Bulldogger, Holden’s, North Star, Finlandia, and Out and Back. Trails are super soft right now but should firm up nicely and be great to work with this week. Sunday funday! The bottom is thin and there are still some early season hazards hanging on, but we will be shoveling and putting up specific caution signs this week. We are officially OPEN!

Grooming Update: 1/21/18

Sunlight is claiming 8” and groomers are headed up to check it out! We’ll be rolling in the new snow and setting new track where available. See you up there!

Grooming Update: 1/18/18

Second update of the day: NEW classic track and skate lanes on Bulldogger, Holden’s, Northstar, Finlandia, Out and Back. We definitely recommend this’s surprisingly really good! Get out if you can! Fingers crossed for more this weekend.

Grooming Update: 1/18/19

Groomers are headed up this morning to freshen up skate and classic where they can, mostly on the higher trails. We'll update with specifics this afternoon. Hopefully, it looks like we have some new snow coming in this weekend! We REALLY need it!

Grooming Update: 1/16/18

Groomers refreshed skate lanes last night on Bulldogger, Little Dipper, Holden’s, Northstar, Finlandia, and Out and Back. There is also new classic on Finlandia and Out and Back. We definitely recommend sticking to this route- all other trails are too thin to groom!

Grooming Update: 1/13/18

We received another thin layer of snow yesterday and groomers were actually able to set some track last night! Classic is set on Bulldogger, Holden’s, North Star, Finlandia, and Out & Back. Skate lanes are also groomed on those trails, plus Wagon Road and Rafter T. We think it should have set well overnight, so go get it while it’s good! Should be a gorgeous, sunny weekend...enjoy!!

Grooming Update: 1/11/18

Groomers just rolled in 2-4” of fresh snow from yesterday. Upper trails are in pretty good shape! Lower and south-facing trails are still thin, but ski-able if you’re careful. We recommend heading up Little Dipper or Bulldogger to Holden’s, Northstar, and Finlandia. Wagon Road and Sidewinder are in decent shape too. Overall, the base everywhere is still thin, but groomers will be back tonight to attempt some classic track on Finlandia for tomorrow. We’ll let you know how that goes! We’re staying officially closed for now, but the gate is open for skiers. It sure is gorgeous up there right now!

Grooming Update: 1/10/18

We will be watching the weather today, as it decides whether it wants to be rain or snow! Groomers will most likely be up tomorrow morning, if there is any snow to roll. We will keep you posted!

Grooming Update: 1/7/2018

We received a total of 4" of new snow from yesterday's storm, which groomers were able to pack down this morning. Most of the snow from Christmas Day had already melted out, so we're unfortunately starting from scratch again. The rolled base is extremely thin and there are still MANY hazards out there- rocks, ruts, sagebrush, etc. We will remain officially "closed" for now, until we have enough snow to attain full coverage on the majority of our trails. We cannot set any track or groom clean skate lanes until our base is deeper. We've got our fingers crossed for Tues/Wed. If you are heading up to ski, we have left the front gate open for anyone wanting to ski at their own risk. We recommend

Grooming Update: 1/6/18

With 2" already on the ground, NOAA's forecast is calling for another 1-3" of snow overnight. Groomers will be up in the morning rolling in the new snow and assessing the condition of the trails. With the past few weeks of high pressure and warm temps, there is very little of a base left. This snow will certainly help, but ideally we'll need several additional storms. We will update again tomorrow with specific conditions! While we most likely won't have enough snow to "open" (meaning all of our trails are fully covered, safe and ski-able), there will be enough snow to get the skis out and tour around carefully, if you just can't resist. We do not mind skiers accessing the trail system from


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