ABCD . . .

Another Beautiful Colorado Day!! Groomers were out last night. They cleaned up skate lanes on all trails. Classic track was set Monday night and Wednesday morning. Ski for SISU is this Sunday!! Is your costume ready?

Brrrrrr . . .

The groomers did some grading, and then set classic track and groomed skate on most trails last night. (Not Out & Back, Upper and Lower Holden's, High Ball, or Big Dipper.) Only 5 days until Ski for SISU!!

Groomed with a Dusting of Snow

Groomers cleaned up skate lanes this morning. It was snowing while they were grooming, so expect some fresh snow on top. Enjoy!

Best Day Ever!*

Skate lanes were groomed last night (with the exception of Out & Back and the black section of Little Dipper.) Classic Track was set Friday night. *Overheard at Spring Gulch a lot recently. No promises.

Fresh Classic Track!

The groomers set fresh classic track on all trails last night! Skate lanes are groomed as well. Happy Saturday!

Serving fresh powder daily.

We received another 2"-3" of snow overnight, and rolled all trails this morning. The groomers will be headed back up this evening to prepare trails for the weekend.

Fresh and ready after the storm

Groomers were out this morning and skate and classic are set everywhere. Enjoy it, it sounds like we may be getting some more snow tonight!

New Snow

Groomers rolled in 4-6 inches of fresh snow this morning. Everywhere is soft packed conditions. No track.

Skate Lanes Groomed

Groomers were out this morning and cleaned up skate lanes. The forecast is calling a few inches of snow today and overnight.


Groomers cleaned up skate lanes last night. Classic is still skiing great. Enjoy a great day at Spring Gulch and be aware of the Ragged Mountain Sports "Norduro Race" which is designed to be a fun social race with a few timed segments.

Groomed and Ready

Groomers set new classic and groomed skate everywhere. Be aware of snow drift on Rafter T and other open area. Drifts may have covered classic track in these areas over night. Have a great day!

More Snow!

Groomers are out this morning rolling in 3-6 inches of fresh snow. It is still coming down this morning, so expect soft powder conditions with no track. Have fun!


Groomers were out last night and groomed skate lanes and set classic track almost everywhere. Enjoy a grand day at Spring Gulch!

Fresh Snow!

Groomers rolled in 3-6 inches on new snow this morning on all trails. Expect soft-packed conditions.

A fine Tuesday for a Ski

Groomers were out this morning and cleaned up skate lanes. Classic is still skiing great. Snow is in the forecast!

Anyone have a case of the Mondays?

Groomers were up this morning and groomed skate lanes everywhere. Classic is still skiing great. How about a ski to take care of those Monday blues?

Sunday Funday!

The groomers were hard at it last night, trying to rehab the trails after yesterdays races. Almost all trails received fresh classic track and were groomed for skate. The exceptions are Out & Back, Upper Holdens, and HighBall. Have fun out there!

Attention! Race Tomorrow!

Groomers were out last night and cleaned up skate lanes and classic is still skiing great! Take advantage of a great day today because tomorrow 300+ high school and middle school students will arrive to race at Spring Gulch! Starting around 8-9am students and parents will arrive, race starts at 10am, with awards at about 12:30pm. Good luck everyone!

Thursday's Ski Report

Groomers were out yesterday morning and evening, they re-set classic and groomed skate lanes. Temps have been on the rise this week, hopefully that will turn around soon. Happy skiing!


*NO dogs, motorized equipment, snow bikes, snowmobiles, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, etc. allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and appreciation for the Mount Sopris Nordic Council's agreement with the property owners.

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