Last Groom of the season?

We groomed almost all the trails last night. (Not Big Dipper, Little Dipper hill, Bulldogger hill, Rabbit Run, and a few connectors.) It should be good spring skiing once the temperature warms up later this morning! We still have full coverage on all trails, but it is icy in places. Enjoy!

Fresh snow, fresh groom

Groomers were out last night, working in an inch or two of snow that fell during the day yesterday. They groomed all trails for skate skiing. Have fun out there all you spring skiers! Grooming Notice: This week, we will only be able to groom on a limited basis, as two of our groomers are off on vacation. We have a team that is going to be up there every other day.

More Snow!

Groomers were out this morning and worked in new snow to groom for skate skiing. Enjoy another chance to ski at Spring Gulch! Happy Spring!!

Another Chance to Ski

Groomers were out this morning and were able to groom skate lanes on Lazy Eight, Rafter T, Bulldogger, Little Dipper, Rodeo, Perry Pass, Wagon Road, and Ginny's Lane. Enjoy another day of Spring skiing!

Spring Skiing!

The groomers buffed the skate lanes last night. The base is starting to freeze up too hard in the evening to reset classic tracks. Have fun out there!

A Great Weekend for a Ski at Spring Gulch

Groomers were out last night and this morning and cleaned up skate and set classic track almost everywhere. The afternoons might be warm, but with the cold overnight temps it is still possible to have a great ski at Spring Gulch. Classic track may melt out quickly depending on how warm the temps get today. Enjoy the Spring skiing everyone!

One Week Until Spring!

Groomers were up last night and rolled in 5 inches up high and about three on the lower trails. Congratulations to member, Michael Scher, on his 100th ski today! Wow!

Rain, Rain Go Away

Groomers were out this morning and report that rain and sleet were falling on about an inch of snow from overnight. They were unable to groom due to the weather. Let's hope the temps lower and everything changes to snow overnight. We'll keep you updated.

Full Groom

Groomers were out last night and cleaned up skate lanes and set new classic track. Forecast is calling for more snow on Wednesday at Spring Gulch!

Feels Like Spring

Groomers were out this morning, and were able to groom skate lanes. Groomer re-set the classic track, but if the sun comes out and temps warm up the bottom trails may not last long. Expect spring conditions, we icy patches in places. Enjoy!

Classic Track is back!

The groomers set classic track and groomed skate lanes on all trails Saturday night. (With the exception of the east side of Lazy 8, Rabbit Run, and Big Dipper.) Get out there and enjoy some fine March conditions!

Snow and More Snow

Groomers were out last night and this morning and rolled in another foot of snow! Big Dipper and Rafter T were not rolled this morning, so will have about 4 inches of fresh snow on them. Conditions will be soft and snowy. Enjoy!

Snowing Again!

Groomers were out this morning and rolled in 2 inches of fresh snow and the snow is still coming down. Forecast is calling for 2-4" over night. Also, skiers report seeing a moose on Northstar and Finlandia. Please be aware and never approach wildlife.

Rain, but don't be too discouraged.

Groomers were out this morning and report that most of this storm fell as rain with a dusting of snow on top. All trails were graded yesterday. Several skiers report that trails are skiing well. Take heart, more snow is in the forecast!

Spring Weather

Groomers were out this morning and report that it is raining, sleeting, with a bit of snow mixed in. Groomers ran the graders over all the trails. Let's hope more snow is on the way!

Tuesday Ski

Groomers were out last night and set classic and groomed skate on all trails. The trails are still a bit soft, and spring skiing conditions seem to be upon us. Enjoy!

Monday After the Storm

After the weekend full of snow, about a foot of new snow fell in the past 48 hours, groomers were out this morning and rolled in about 3 inches. No track set at this time. Groomers will continue to clean up after this storm this evening.

5 inches of New Snow!

Groomers are out this morning rolling in 5 inches of new snow! Looks like it will be a snowy weekend too. Expect conditions to be soft with potential fresh snow on all trails. Let's hope for a snowy March!


*NO dogs, motorized equipment, snow bikes, snowmobiles, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, etc. allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and appreciation for the Mount Sopris Nordic Council's agreement with the property owners.

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