Cold and clear

If you are brave enough to face the cold this morning, you will find groomed skate lanes and classic track are cold and ready. Enjoy another beautiful day at Spring Gulch!

Amazing skiing awaits...

Groomers did it all tonight! Classic track and skate lanes are set everywhere and should set-up well in the over night cold. Dress warm if you head up early, temps are going to be low. Enjoy a nice Sunday ski.

Saturday Special

Groomers rolled in 2" of new snow on all trails. Classic track was left to be skied in today and groomers plan to be back up this evening to re-set classic and groom skate.

Thursday Dec 26th Update

About 2'" of new snow since the 24th.Groomers were out this afternoon and cleaned up skate lanes and set classic track on most trails. Looks like a little more snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Enjoy!

Grooming Report 12/23

Groomers cleaned up skate lanes on all trails except Lazy Eight. They are leaving the classic track as is until we get more snow. Looks like some snow in the forecast for midweek. Have a happy and safe holiday everyone!

Sunday Funday

All skate lanes were groomed last night. Classic is set on all trails except Perry Pass, Rodeo, Round About and Rabbit Run. Skiing conditions are good, however the base remains very thin. Enjoy another great day Spring Gulch!

Grooming Report 12/21

Happy Winter! Groomers were out last night and set fresh classic track on Lazy Eight, Rafter T, and Upper Holdens. Some skate lanes were groomed last night and some will be groomed this morning. Enjoy a beautiful Winter Solstice day at Spring Gulch!

Hooray Hooray It's Opening Day!

Classic track is set on Chris Cross, Bulldogger, Little Dipper, Holdens (except Upper) North Star, Ginny Lane, Finlandia, Out and Back, Sidewinder and Wagon Road. Skate lanes have been groomed everywhere but are particularly good on the upper trails. Early season conditions exist on most trails, be aware there may be shrubs poking through the snow on trails. Trail Closures: Big Dipper. Round About between Lower Holdens and Wagon Road. Get out there and have some fun. And if you haven't become a member for 2019/2020 please take a minute and support this community treasure.

12/18 Groomer Update

Groomers are working on smoothing and evening the base to get ready to open most trails this weekend. Stay tuned.

Snow is packed

Groomers were out today and rolled/packed in all the trails. The cold weather is definitely helping the base set-up. Groomers will continue to assess the trails. For now snow is only packed and some trails still have visible grass on them. We will continue to update as the week progresses.


A little more than an inch over night. Groomers rolled in a few trails this morning. At this point the base is very thin and we need more snow to begin grooming and open trails.

Still Hoping for More Snow

About 2" of snow overnight, and groomers are working to turn it all into a great base. But we still need more to groom for skate and set classic. let's hope it really snows tonight!

Grooming Update 12/13

Last night's storm brought in 2-3 inches of fresh snow. Groomers rolled all trails, except Big Dipper. We need more snow to be able to start to groom trails for both skate and classic. Stayed tuned for more updates and let's hope we get a lot of snow this weekend!

Snow in the Forecast

We are all anxious to get out there, but please keep in mind we are not open yet. Before this snow there was very little snow on the bottom trails. Groomers are up this morning and will give a full report later this afternoon. Our groomers love to bring you quality trails, and that takes lots of snow and time! Thank you for your patience as they strive for the best groomed trails possible!

Spring Gulch Update

We are so close to being able to open! Just need a bit more snow! And it looks like we might get it starting Thursday Night. Groomer were out yesterday and will be back out today getting the area ready and rolling in what snow is there. We will keep you updated and are very hopefully that this next storm cycle will bring the needed snow.


*NO dogs, motorized equipment, snow bikes, snowmobiles, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, etc. allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and appreciation for the Mount Sopris Nordic Council's agreement with the property owners.

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