2 days until SISU!

The team groomed skate lanes on most of the trails last night. They also saw the trifecta of deer, elk, and moose all in one night. Ski for SISU is Sunday, February 2nd!!

Hump Day Ski

Groomers were at it again last night. They added track where needed and groomed most skate. The over night cold is creating great conditions, enjoy!

Grooming Report

The crew groomed skate lanes last night, and set some new classic track. The wind was causing the new snow to drift, and attempting to fill in classic tracks in exposed areas. As a result, classic skiing could be a very mixed bag today.

One week until Ski for Sisu!!

The groomers cleaned up skate lanes last night. They are waiting for Monday's predicted snowfall to reset classic track. If you are new to Spring Gulch, our annual skiathon fundraiser, "Ski for Sisu," is coming up next Sunday. Find out how you can participate on our website or at the trailhead. Have fun out there!

Good morning, Skiers!

The grooming team was at it again last night. All trails have classic track set and all skate lanes are groomed. The corduroy is looking exceptionally clean. There were some deer dancing on the trails as usual, so watch out for hoofprints.

Wow, it Snowed All Day!

Groomers were up last night and rolled in about 4-5" of snow on all trails that fell throughout the day yesterday! They were able to set some track on lower trails. Reports from early bird skiers is that it is skiing great!

Full Groom + Some Unexpected Snow

Good Morning! Groomers were out last night and groomed skate and set classic track everywhere. The unexpected snow this morning will have covered that groom, so expect some fresh snow on top of last night's groom.

Snow, snow, snow

Groomers are rolling in approximately 4" of fresh snow this morning. Conditions will be soft with chances of further snow accumulation throughout the day.

one month into winter . . .

The groomers reset classic track on trails that needed it last night, and groomed all the skate lanes. Everything should have set up nicely for your ski today! More snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Cold and Clear

Groomers are cleaning up skate lanes this morning. Enjoy a beautiful day at Spring Gulch!

The calm after the storm

The groomers set classic track on almost all trails yesterday and groomed the skate lanes last night. Skiing awaits!!

Snowy with a chance of Saturday

Groomers rolled in 4+ inches of fresh snow Friday afternoon. Groomers will be back Saturday morning to roll more. Don't miss out on Independence Run and Hike's Demo Day at Spring Gulch tomorrow morning!

Cold and Clear

Groomers were out last night and cleaned up the skate lanes and did some grading on trails. Classic is still skiing great with the cold temps. Lots like there is some snow on way tomorrow.

Grooming update

The groomers rolled in 3" of new snow yesterday evening. They will be out this morning setting classic track.

Race Day

Best of luck to all the student athletes this morning! For our recreational skiers: groomers were out yesterday and groomed all trails. The top trails were grooming nicely after several inches of snow fell. Many of the lower trails are groomed for the race in the "best-line" style. So, expect tracks down the middle of trail on lower areas. Groomers will likely be up tonight to clear the race track and get ready for Sunday.

Thursday Clean Up

Groomers cleaned up skate lanes and re-set classic track. There is snow in the forecast for tonight, so there may be fresh snow on the trails Friday morning. ALERT: This Saturday morning Spring Gulch is hosted a large race event. Groomers will be setting special track and start lanes Friday afternoon. We appreciate your help in keeping these tracks as intact as possible before the race. Also, please be aware that this event will be very crowded and parking on Saturday morning will be very busy. Good luck to all those racing on Saturday!

Resolve to ski more.

The groomers were out late last night, grooming all skate lanes. They also reset some sections of classic. Snow is in the forecast!

That Monday Feeling

Groomers where out this morning and cleaned up skate lanes and re-set the classic track after the best-line race on Saturday. Have a great day!

Saturday Ski

Skate lanes were groomed yesterday evening and should have set-up nicely in the cold over night. About 2" of snow fell after the groomers left on Thursday evening. Tomorrow, Sunday the 5th, please be aware that the Aspen Nordic Center is hosting a 10k Classic Race at Spring gulch that starts at 10am. This is an all age and ability race if you want to join in this fun event.

First Friday of the Year

Groomers were out yesterday afternoon/evening and set classic and groomed skate lanes almost everywhere. Trails not groomed include: Out and Back, the south side of North Star and sections of Lazy Eight and Roundabout. The cold over night should help it all set-up well but conditions were soft yesterday afternoon. Enjoy the snow covered views while they last!


*NO dogs, motorized equipment, snow bikes, snowmobiles, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding, tubing, hiking, etc. allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and appreciation for the Mount Sopris Nordic Council's agreement with the property owners.

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