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Groomer Update 12/15/2021 (Evening)

After finishing a repair (re-build) of one of our snow rollers, groomers rough packed the middle and upper trails that had received about 3-4 inches of new snow. Lower trails (Lazy Eight and Rafter T) were so wind blown that they did not hold enough snow to even roll.

While this snow is a good start to a base, it is unfortunately not enough for us to start grooming trails.

Sadly, not enough trails are covered to safely open to skiing, yet.

Also, the high winds brought down some aspen trees that need to be removed for safety on the upper trails.

Groomers and staff are working to have the ski area ready to go, with all signs up, and safe trails. We are eager to have you skiing just as soon as possible, thanks for the patience and think snow!

Photos below are from today, first one is on Little Dipper trail, and the second is on a lower trail.


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