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Skiing Etiquette & Safety

Skier Safety

Skiing at Spring Gulch is done at your own risk – the trails are not patrolled.

The Mt Sopris Nordic Council has made an effort to preserve the natural setting surrounding the trails. Unmarked hazards may be encountered, including bumps, ruts, gullies, bushes, logs, stumps, rocks, and man-made objects. It is the skier’s responsibility to always ski in control and within his/her ability.


Snow conditions can vary along the trails. Be alert for grooming equipment on the trail, and use caution and respect when passing other skiers. Be aware of trail signs that indicate one-way travel, skier ability level, trail distances, and precautions.


Skier Courtesies

In order for skier to retain the privilege of using the private

property on which the Spring Gulch Trail System is located,

the following code of conduct must be observed:

• Absolutely no dogs or other pets.

• Skiers shall not approach or in any other way disturb

wildlife which they may encounter while skiing.

• Yield to the downhill skier, who has the right of way.

•  Be kind and courteous, always.

• Observe and obey one-way trail signs as posted.

• Fill your “sitzmarks” when you fall.

• Observe and respect fence lines and closed gates.

• No snowshoeing, sledding, tubing, snowboards, backcountry

 A/T gear, split boards, snow or fat bikes or other snow play.

• No motorized equipment, other than the Council’s, allowed.


In Case of Emergency

In the event of an emergency which requires medical

assistance, an emergency telephone is located at the

junction of the Lazy Eight and Bulldogger trails

(see trail map). Dial 911. Cell phone reception

is sometimes available in parking lots or on the knob

between the emergency phone and the equipment shed.

spring gulch nordic crosscountry trail system downed tree snowmobile

*NO dogs, motorized equipment, snow or fat bikes, AT skis, snowmobiles, sledding, snowshoeing, snowboarding,

tubing, hiking, etc. allowed.

Thank you for your cooperation and appreciation for the Mt Sopris Nordic Council's agreement with the private land owners.

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