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Shop Custom Spring Gulch Hats, Neck Warmer and Headband!

Baily Haines, a printmaker artist based in Carbondale, handcrafted the design which has been repeated and turned into these one of a kind products. Bailey's design is inspired by the landscape at Spring Gulch. We couldn't be more thrilled with it! See Bailey's art at Pine Street Prints

We partnered with Vermont based Skida Headwear to print and create these custom items. Made in the USA. Skida was inspired by cross-country skiing and supports many of our US cross-country athletes. Check Skida out here.

All proceeds go to support Spring Gulch operations, so please make a purchase before they are gone! 

A note on hat sizes: We have sold out of all M/L hats. The S/M is a standard adult size and can work for older children but not for toddlers. 

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