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Grooming Update: 12/8/16

Groomers went up yesterday morning and rolled in 2" of fresh snow. Unfortunately, this storm seems to be bringing more cold temps than actual precipitation. Our total accumulation at Spring Gulch is still very low and many of the lower trails are not quite fully covered. The NOAA weather report shows a chance of snow every day through Monday, so we will monitor and roll as needed. NOAA forecast

We are doing our best to open ASAP! We are just as anxious to ski as you are, but keep in mind how much snow it takes to pack down and actually create a solid base to lay track. With that said, people are already skiing some of the trails at Spring Gulch. We recommend taking out your early-season skis and heading up towards Finlandia, Out&Back, Northstar, Upper Holdens, Ginny Lane, etc. Please be cautious, and have fun! We will update as we roll.

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