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Grooming Update: 1/22/17

Good morning skiers! We've received several doses of 3-5" over the last few days, which is ideal, as it allows us to pack it down in stages. Yesterday evening, groomers set new classic track on all trails. We are hoping to only have received a light dusting last night, so the tracks should be firm and powder easily skied in. Skate lanes will be groomed fresh this morning in preparation of your Sunday skiventure!

As groomers, our first priority is to create and maintain the best skiing possible for the greatest number of people! This provides a new challenge for us each day, as conditions, weather, ski traffic, etc are always changing. We love our skiers! Here are a few ways you, as skiers, can help us out!

- If you see us setting new classic track, please resist the urge to immediately ski in it! Classic track is best when it has time (at least an hour) to set up before being skied in, which is why we usually set it in late afternoon. It holds it's shape and lasts much longer!

- Skate skiers, please do not ski on top of fresh classic tracks. We know that it's tempting when you see a section of fresh corduroy, but please stay in the skate lane- your skis chop up the classic track! We are most likely right behind you with a skate groom.

- Avoid shortcuts! We totally get that skiing through fresh powder is awesome. But it only takes one person to create a shortcut, then 50 people follow! This sometimes causes difficulties for us when setting/maintaining track on the trails.

These are just a few ways you can help us out. And we really appreciate it! Feel free to help us spread etiquette awareness when you're out on the trails! And if you have any questions regarding the grooming, send us a message!

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