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Grooming Update: 1/31/17

Good morning! Groomers set new classic track on Lazy 8, Criss Cross, Bulldogger, Perry Pass, Roundabout, Finlandia, and Out and Back last night. Skate lanes were also groomed on those trails, as well as Wagon Road, Northstar, and Holdens.

Also, going on Tuesday (this) morning:

"CRMS will be holding their annual "Oystermeister Nordic Event" at Spring Gulch from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. This event includes two heats of a ~4km race with participants of all levels, including "never-ever's", beginning at 9:45 AM. There will also be music playing, and hot chocolate and cookies at the trailhead. CRMS hopes not to interfere with your quiet morning ski, so we will be contained to the race course (Criss Cross > Bulldogger to Perry Pass > Roundabout to Wagon Rd > Lazy 8 to TH)."

Have fun!

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