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Grooming Update: 2/23/17

Winter is (almost) back! We received 2-3" last night and this morning, which groomers have rolled in on most trails. The upper trails are in great shape, we recommend accessing them by Rafter T, Bulldogger, or Little Dipper. Snow was still falling when we left this afternoon, so depending on how much falls, we'll either be rolling more or grooming tomorrow morning. Groomers will decide when and if to set classic track*, as conditions allow. Enjoy!

Lazy 8, Rodeo, Big Dipper, and parts of Roundabout are still to thin and bumpy to groom.

*We may have received 3" of fresh snow on the upper trails, but keep in mind that it has been packed down on top of a very thin and frozen base. This makes setting classic track difficult, as it has become too cold to work up the frozen bottom layer, and the fresh snow on top is not deep enough to set track in alone. We'll be looking for a good window (either with more snow or warmer, workable temps) to try and set.

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