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Grooming Update: 2/27/17

The past few days have brought several inches of new snow, which groomers have been working into the existing base. Lower temps are also helping keep the new snow nice and cold. Upper trails are fully covered and skiing great. Lower trails are still thin, but we're working to keep as many open as possible. Don't let the view from the parking lot fool you- as soon as you pass the 2nd gate towards Rafter T/Bulldogger, the trails are in amazing shape!

Groomed skate today: Rafter T, Criss Cross, Little Dipper (up), Bulldogger, Lower Holdens, Upper Holdens, Northstar, Ginny Lane, Finlandia, Out & Back, Highball, Sidewinder, Wagon Rd, and the Roundabout switchbacks.

Classic track was also set on Finlandia, Holdens, Bulldogger, Out & Back, and Northstar on Saturday. Snow is too thin everywhere else for classic track.

Enjoy! Hopefully, winter is back to stay!

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