Grooming Update: 3/6/17

Interesting conditions up at Spring Gulch right now. Groomers arrived this morning to 6" of new snow! Which is wonderful, except that after Sunday's rain and warm temps, the new snow is sitting on top of a thick, solid sheet of ice. We attempted to roll the new snow in this morning, but our machines we're having a lot of trouble getting around on the icy base. We managed to roll most trails, apart from Highball, Sidewinder, Rodeo, Big Dipper, and Out & Back.

Strong winds last night also brought down several large aspen trees on Northstar and Finlandia.They were too big to move or use a handsaw on, so we will be up tomorrow with a chainsaw to take care of them. Until then, the southern portion of Finlandia is also unrolled.

Conditions we're cold and blustery when we left around 2pm, but trails are packed and ski-able if you're heading up there. Be aware: The new snow is deceiving, conditions are super icy underneath! The rest of this week should be back to warmer temps and mostly sunny days.

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