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Grooming Update: 1/6/18

With 2" already on the ground, NOAA's forecast is calling for another 1-3" of snow overnight. Groomers will be up in the morning rolling in the new snow and assessing the condition of the trails. With the past few weeks of high pressure and warm temps, there is very little of a base left. This snow will certainly help, but ideally we'll need several additional storms. We will update again tomorrow with specific conditions!

While we most likely won't have enough snow to "open" (meaning all of our trails are fully covered, safe and ski-able), there will be enough snow to get the skis out and tour around carefully, if you just can't resist. We do not mind skiers accessing the trail system from the main entrance, even though the gate is still closed. Please note: despite the new snow, early season conditions still exist.

Enjoy the freshies in the morning!

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