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Grooming Update: 1/7/2018

We received a total of 4" of new snow from yesterday's storm, which groomers were able to pack down this morning. Most of the snow from Christmas Day had already melted out, so we're unfortunately starting from scratch again. The rolled base is extremely thin and there are still MANY hazards out there- rocks, ruts, sagebrush, etc. We will remain officially "closed" for now, until we have enough snow to attain full coverage on the majority of our trails. We cannot set any track or groom clean skate lanes until our base is deeper. We've got our fingers crossed for Tues/Wed.

If you are heading up to ski, we have left the front gate open for anyone wanting to ski at their own risk. We recommend staying on the northern side of the trail system- Rafter T, Little Dipper, Bulldogger, Holdens, Northstar, Finlandia, and Out and Back. The higher and more protected trails, like Finlandia and Northstar, are actually in decent shape! We do not recommend the following trails- Big Dipper, Rodeo, Perry Pass, Little Dipper hill, and Highball. Trail maps and donation envelopes are in the kiosk. Please be prepared for early season conditions and take your rock skis!

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