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Cold, Cold, Cold

Groomers braved the frigid cold yesterday evening to set classic track and groom skate lanes on Rafter T, Chris-Cross, Bulldogger, Holdens, North Star, Finlandia, Out and Back, Wagon Rd, and parts of Roundabout and Lazy Eight. Everything else was rolled and should have firmed up nicely with these cold temps.

There have been a lot of wildlife sightings at Spring Gulch this winter! While this is always exciting please keep safety as your top priority. Four separate Moose have been spotted this year in all different places, we have had no reports of aggressive behavior from the moose, but please stay alert none the less.

*Practicing moose safety is as simple as eliminating potential reasons for a charge. Give moose plenty of space (at least 50 feet, preferably more) and take care never to force them into a corner. If you have dogs, keep them on-leash and under control. Be especially wary if the moose seems irritable or if calves are around.

And above all, stay aware of your surroundings. Making some noise lets the moose know you're coming and gives them a chance to avoid conflict in the first place; but you should also be paying close attention with your eyes and ears so you can see or hear them coming, too. If it comes down it a moose is a lot bigger and more dangerous than you are, so let it have the right of way on the trail.*

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