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December 8th, 2022 Early Season Update

Spring Gulch is not yet open for cross-country skiing, but we wanted to give you an update.

Groomer have been busy for the past 10 days working on a variety of projects to get trails and equipment ready for winter. They are continuing with this early season set-up work.

Groomers also got out on the snowmobiles yesterday and started to pack down any snow that has accumulated, especially on the higher trails. The pictures below show what the base near the parking lot looked like on Dec 7th, the second picture is an upper trail after being rolled, as you can see dirt is still showing and sticks and debris poking through. We still need several storms before the base is sufficient for grooming.

Keep checking back here for updates, in the meantime, Aspen and Grand Mesa are open and grooming.

We hope to see many of you at the Nordic Social tonight at Dos Gringos from 5pm-8pm!

Think snow!


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