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Soft Powder Conditions 12/29/2020

Groomers were out last night and rolled in 6-8 inches on all trails! Woohoo! This is the dumping we were hoping for to really cover the trails.

Groomers will be back out this morning to continue to roll-in the snow and try to pack it down into a nice base.

We will leave the gate open from later this morning, however please be aware if you decide to ski today the conditions will be soft powder.

Our hard working groomers will do a double shift today, one round in the morning to pack down the snow and grade if they can, and one round tonight to attempt to lay corduroy and if (this is a BIG if) possible they will set order for this to happen the snow has to cooperate, so please be patient, we are working hard to provide the best quality ski trails possible and that takes time after a big snow dump like this one!

We will not officially open until the groomers are able to provide a fully groomed surface to ski on.


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